At present, the world is playing a race, a fast one. we, as a small piece in this big puzzle, live that race every day, no matter where we are, no matter what we are doing, how?

Some years ago we use to think that global industralization was imposible, that cellphones wouldn´t be the amazing machines they are and that english wouldn´t be useful, but, oh God, how wrong we were.

The English language has become one of the most importants things in world ever, it is useful getting a job, it spreads out our knowledge, it helps us when we are on vacation knowing new cultures, it is useful to our own improvement and many other things.

The reason why English has become that famous is that globalization demands us to grow up in our knowing and ability to meet new people.

So, this space has been made for you to learn more and improve your English and if you don´t like the language, don´t worry, you will fell in love with this amazing idiom, just give it a chance.

-Maria Fernanda Sierra P.